A man is drinking in a bar...

A man is drinking in a super-trendy new bar that is located on the top floor of a building downtown.
He notices a man at the end of the bar takes a big shot of something he doesn't recognize, then he gets up and quickly runs to the balcony and does a swan dive off the side!

He is terrified, runs to the edge, looks over, but is shocked to NOT see the man splattered on the sidewalk. In fact he doesn't see him at all.

He sits back down at this seat and figures he must be too drunk, but then a few minutes later he notices the man come out of the elevator, perfectly fine. He sits at the bar, does another shot and then again jumps off the side.

The man watches him repeat this routine 4 or 5 times and confident he is not hallucinating he finally walks over and asks how he is able to jump off the side without injury.

"This is a special new drink, makes you temporarily able to fly, great stuff"

The man is amazed and quickly orders a shot. Then another, then another. After 4 or 5 he works up the nerve to finally go for it. He steps up on the side railing, spreads his arms, and leaps as far as he can. He is excited to feel the rush of flying and the freedom it brings...and then quickly plummets directly down 40 stories and instantly splatters all over the pavement....

Back in the bar, the bartender turns to the other man and says "y'know, you're really an asshole when you're drunk Superman"

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