A man grew tired of the city and moves to the country...

After years of living in the city a man grew tired of it all and decided to move into the remote Wyoming country.

After about six months in Wyoming a car pulled down his driveway. It was the first person he had seen since moving. He had been living off farmed food and hunting, and his closest neighbor was twelve miles away.

The man's neighbor got out of his car and says "hey I'm your neighbor from down the road and I'm having a party and you're invited if you'd like to come."

"Yeah, actually a party sounds nice and I haven't seen many people recently and I've been getting a little lonely" responded the man.

"Great" said the neighbor. "I have to warn you though there is going to be some drinking at this party. Is that okay with you?"

The man pondered the question and said "Yeah you know I can handle my booze, that isn't a problem at all."

"Okay well I also should bring up that there is probably gonna be some fighting" said the neighbor.

"Well I don't really like the sound of that but I suppose I can handle my own if it comes to that" said the man.

"Okay well there's also going to be some sex" said the neighbor.

"Well I haven't seen any women in almost six months so some sex is more than fine with me. Do you need any more beer or food for the party I'd be glad to help?"

"Oh don't worry about that it's just gonna be me and you."

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