A guy with a 40-inch dick...(from my middle school years)

A guy with a 40-inch dick goes to a surgeon's cabinet to get his dick shortened, as he can't get laid because it scares women off.
The surgeon accepts to perform the surgery, but he charges a lot because it's unusual.

The man's broke, so he tries something else. He goes to see a voodoo witch, and asks her :

"Is there a way I can get my dick to be smaller ?"

"-Yes, she answers, you have to go to the forest and find a bird of Paradise. Then you have to ask him if he wants to have sex with you. Each time he'll say "no", your dick will lose ten inches !"

He thanks the witch and gets on his way. He goes to the forest, finds a bird of Paradise, and asks him :

"Do you want to have sex with me ?"

"No", says the bird. And, indeed his dick shrank to 30 inches.
But when he goes back home, he finds that women still find his dick too big. So he goes back to the forest, the bird is still at the same spot, and he asks him again : "Do you want to have sex with me ?"

"No", the bird replies. The man is satisfied with his 20-inch penis, and goes home. Things get better with the ladies, but they are still a bit spooked by his long cock. "Ok, I'm gonna do it one last time", he thinks.

Back to the forest, finds the bird, and asks him once more :
"Wanna have sex with me ?"

"-How many times do I have to tell you, the bird snaps, No ! No ! No!"

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