A group of psychiatrists

A group of psychiatrists go to tour an insane asylum that is renowned for
their progressive rehabilitation methods. they begin by visiting some of the
patients. the first patient they visit is a young woman. she is practicing
ballet. one of the psychiatrists asks, "what are you doing?" she replies, "i'm
studying ballet so when i get out of here i can possibly join a troupe and be a
productive member of society." "wow, that's wonderful." the next person was a
man reading a book with a pile of books next to him. the same question asked to
him, "what are you doing?" "i'm studying biology, chemistry, etc. so i can enter
medical school when i get out" room after room, they witnessed the incredible
success and attitudes of the patients. until they finally reached a room the
asylums director was reluctant to open. finally, he was persuaded to open it.
inside was a man balancing a peanut on his penis. the reaction of the
psychiatrist, "my god what are you doing?" the man replied: "i'm f****** nuts
and i'm never getting out of here."

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