A CoRnY JoKe

ok there were these 3 guys walking along in the desert, the dry,
sandy, deserted desert after their plane crashed. So their
walking along delirious from hunger when they spot a lil shak in
the distance, & they were all like OMG there will be food
there!!! so they run up to this house and knok on the door:
and this lil old lady answers the door, giving them the once over
1st guy goes HI, were lost, we're starving, please do you have
any food"
the lil old lady sais" well yes, ill get you food, but one of
you willl have to come in with me 1st" , so she chooses the 1st
cutest guy (natutally)and tells him to follow her, where she
leads him to her bedroom, where she then starts explaining about
the lack of
men in the deset, all the time the guys thinking OMG the horny
bugger what is she thinking? To answer his thoughts she pulls
off her cloths and goes " give it to me give it to me".The poor
guy looks at her ugly wrinkled body and shudders, but if thats
not bad enough her pussy is all pussy yellow and gross so he
sais no (naturally) but she goes fine, no sex no food. The guy
driven by hunger goes "oh,... ok" just as he spots some
vegetables comeing out of the cuppord, so he sais one minute so
he can get ready. While 'getting ready' he grabs some corn out
of the cuppord and is just about to eat it then jump out of the
window when he thinks of his friends, then he decides, well this
lil old lady's eye sight cant be too good, ill just screw her
using they corn. like heck i aint touchen her. So he calls out
to her
and he starts screwin her with this corn next to the cupporn,
and when one cob gets soggy he throws it out the window and just
continous with another peice untill finaly she sais that shes
"had enough"and as promised she puts her clothes back on "thank
goodness" adn prepares a huge meal, a huge tasty meal and takes
it out side to his friends . but to the guys surprise his
friends say
"no its ok, where not hungry"
"why not??!!" the 1st guy sais thinking he didnt go through that
disturbing experience for nothing...... then his freind replies
"it's cool, were really full from that creamed corn you through
out the window to us"

And that boys and girls is one corny joke

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