A Catholic man is on a train.

At the next stop, the Vatican, the conductor announces "Good news, everybody! Pope Francis himself Is boarding this very train right now!"

Being a die-hard Catholic, the man squeals. *Oh my gosh! The Pope is on this very train!* He then looks up and sees that the Pope is actually in the same car as him.

*Wow! He's in the same car as me! Boy, would it be awesome if he sat right ne-* He was cut off when someone sat next to him, and, coincidentally, it was the Pope.

He turns to him and says "Father, i-it's an honor to... uh... sit next to you." The Pope smiles, shakes his hand and says "All the same, my boy."

An hour passes, and the Pope pulls out a crossword. The man is on his tablet, playing games, watching movies, when all of a sudden the Pope taps him on the shoulder and says "Excuse me, my boy, do you think you can help me with this crossword?"

Of course, he didn't want to let the Pope down. "Of course, Father!"

"Do you know what this one is? 'A four-letter word that ends with -unt and is used to describe a woman.'"

*I know the answer, of course, but what would Father think? Think, man! Think! What else end with -unt?!*

"Have you tried *aunt?*"

"Ah, yes of course... Do you have an eraser?"

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