3 men on a plane

Okay, so there was three men on a plane and the piolot said,
"The luggage weighs to much, each of you drop one thing." So
each of them dropped one thing. The 1st man dropped an apple,
the 2nd man dropped an orange, and the 3rd dropped a stick of
dinamite. So, the three men landed safely and they were walking
along when:
They saw a little girl crying, "Why are you crying?" and the
girl said back, "An apple fell down and hit me in the head!" So,
they walked on and they saw a little boy crying. So they said,
"Why are you crying?" ANd he said back, "An orange fell out of
nowhere and hit me in the head!" So they walked on and they saw
an old lady crackin her head off. "Why are you laughing?" The
men said......."I farted, and my house blew up!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the
elderly lady said back.

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