How Emoji’s help express better than words

Several young (and old) people these days communicate in an entirely different language. And I’m not talking new school slang and a cool jargon. I’m talking through text messages and the use of emojis.

Who would have thought that the once makeshift smile and frown using the colon and parentheses would evolve into a 3D virtual catalogue of expressions? Emojis continue to add on to the catalogue making text conversations more real, jokes funnier, arguments more intense.  All with virtual emotions for real feelings.

Most conversations nowadays either initiate via text messaging, despite age. This is more about convenience. When thinking about people’s day to day schedules, most times its work and school schedules that prevent actual phone conversations. Most people text because that’s what they have time for.

Then there’s other people…who text because they’re introverts. Either way, truth be told emojis are being used just as much, if not more, than actual words. The issue, however, could be that sometimes people even hide behind constant texting and emojis. That can then create communication barriers, making it harder for people to engage in actual conversations with people. We sometimes use an emoji because words are sometimes too hard to say. Or extremely funny. Or sometimes just sad. But sometimes a simple symbol representing a feeling that can’t be put into words is the best choice. 

Apple and Android provides feeling infused emojis from happy to angry to embarrassed. Then there are actual character and object emojis like food, animals, signs, flags, and dancing emojis. Imagine that…images that communicate for us. Has emojis been that detrimental to communication styles after all?

Perhaps the fact that people communicate less and less face to face creates communication barriers in places and instances where that type of communication is necessary. Its necessary to communicate in a workplace setting, for example. Challenge yourself to be verbal, even if you prefer to text and use emojis. Just know that the emojis are just there to help you communicate, not always communicate for you. Use them freely, but depending on the situation, use them wisely, or not at all.

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