Infamous Laughs in Hollywood

Who has a laugh to remember and in what sitcom or movie? There are just some actors and actresses who should be nominees for the best laugh. Here are a few to remember, with laughs to remember:

Fran Drescher: Hollywood’s nanny, Fran Drescher, is definitely known for her raspy and dramatic laughter. She’s got a voice that could be recognized in a crowd of thousands, and her laugh, in a crowd of millions. Her style is as loud as her voice, and her laugh will forever be memorable. 

Wait till the end to get a taste of Fran’s “UNIQUE” laugh!

Rosie O’Donnell: There is no coincidence that Rosie O’Donnell landed her own talk show in the height of her career. She’s funny, and her unique laugh is even funnier. She stages her jokes in a way that once she tells them, the audience is not only focused on the punchline, but on her relentless outburst of laughter and the sheer character in just that one hardy laugh that has made her America’s gentle sweetheart, with an edge of hilarity that can go unmeasured. 

Samuel L. Jackson: Once you get pass all the F bombs dropped by Samuel L.  Jackson, you’ll know that his laugh is just as edgy. He laughs mischievously, and unapologetic-ally, just like the characters he portrays in his Hollywood box office films. As Hollywood’s crazy man, his laugh sets a platform for that acting personality and to know him is to know his laugh. 

The unapologetic laugh of Samuel L. Jackson

Joe Pesci: The bad guy, the strong Italian accent with a mix of humor is how to describe actor’s Joe Pesci’s infamous laugh. Ever since he was a Goodfella, Pesci blessed Hollywood with his mischievous yet cunning laugh that could at any scene leave you laughing or in complete suspense. 

Lines are to be remembered for the sake of script. We watch movies on the big screen and very seldomly do we match that actor with an actual human being. A laugh is a trademarked piece of someone’s characters. Therefore, as we remember characters and how they make us feel during our favorite shows and movies, we don’t really think of them as the girl next door or the cashier at the grocery store. However, they are people with special traits, as simple as the personalities behind their laugh.

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