a man finding himself unemployed and down to his last $1.00 was searching the want ads for a job. He pointed out to his wife that there was a ad in the paper for blood donations for $25.00 dollars. They decided to spend their last dollar on bus fair to the blood bank. They needed the money if they were going to eat. So the man spends his last dollar on the bus to town. When he arrived at the blood bank the line was a block long. He knew he had to wait so he could collect his money for the donation. while waiting in line he noticed a banner on the bulding across the street. " GRAND OPENING SPERM BANK " Donations $50.00 Dollars! He begain to think, "if i stand here they will stick me with a needle and it will hurt but....if i go across the street i will go into a booth and.....besides it was twice the money!!!
So he hurrys across the street and gets in line at the sperm bank. After a few minutes he notices in front of him a woman ...he begins to think..."she must think she is in the blood bank line i had better tell her before she gets inside" The man taps her on the sholder and says" Miss dont you want the blood bank line across the street" the woman turns with her cheeks bulging and shakes her head and says ....uhuh....

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