Two old men are sitting in a field.

One turns to the other one and says, "You see that barn over there? That's a nice, sturdy barn. It could weather any storm Mother Nature throws at it. I built that barn with my own two hands, you know. Do they call me John the Barn Builder? No. No they don't." Next, John points to the fence next to the barn and says, "And look at that fence over there. It stretches for miles in either direction. Nothing is getting in or over that fence. I made that fence with my own two hands as well. Do they call me John the Fence Maker? No. No they don't." Finally, John turns towards a nearby lake and says, "And look at that lake. I must have caught every kind of fish imaginable in that lake. Probably spent more time on that lake than I have on dry land. Do they call me John the Fisherman? No. No they don't." John pauses. "But you fuck ONE goat..."

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