Three boys are about to graduate high school.

They have known each other since kindergarten, and are going to three separate colleges. So, they decide to go on a trip to an island in the Caribbean as their goodbye trip. One of them is going to Penn state, the second is going to Yale, and the last is going to Texas state.

They get on the plane, and are flying to the island when all of a sudden the plane starts having issues, and crashes. The three friends are the only survivors. They end up on some random island on the way there with no one else.

The friends start to explore the island, and find some ruins on the island. At the front of the ruins there is a sign in hieroglyphics. The friend that is going to Penn can read them, and it says "once a year, one person can go in to collect the riches". So he decides, "alright, since I read it, ill go in first". So he goes in, and he's in there collecting the riches, But when he turns around he sees green smoke coming towards him, so he gets out of there.

A year later they are still on the island, and it is the Yale friends turn to go into the ruins and collect the riches. So he goes in, and he's collecting the riches, just like the other guy. But, when he turns around he sees blue smoke, so he gets out of there.

A whole year later they are still on the island, and it is the last friends turn to go in, So the Texas state friend goes in and he is collecting the riches. But his story is a little different, when he turns around he doesn't see smoke. He sees a black coffin, so he runs out of there.

NOW they are back home and it's been a year since the first friend went into the ruins. He's driving along, enjoying his day, then he sees green smoke. Never seen again.

A year after that the friend that is at Yale is just having a party and such, then he sees blue smoke. Never seen again, dies at the age of 19.

The last and final friend is sitting in his bed a year after that wondering "They both died, year after year on the exact days, it's my turn" He rolls over in bed, knowing it's gonna be there. Then he sees the black coffin..... So he reaches on his night stand and grabs the NyQuil, because the NyQuil stops the coffin....

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