The Golf Ball Joke

So a man goes into a bar and sits down. The bartender asks him what he'll have. He tells the bartender what he wants and proceeds to reach in his pocket for money. When he does this he drops a golf ball that he had in his pocket onto the ground. The bartender hears it fall and asks what it was. The man responds, "It's just a golf ball." The bartender sternly says, "I won't be serving people who talk like that in my bar. Get the hell out!" Confused, the man gets up and walks out of the bar. He then bumps into a stranger outside the bar who says, "I heard the bartender shouting at you. What the hell did you say?" The man replies, "All I said was golf ball." Suddenly shocked, the stranger hurries into the bar. Even more confused, the man wanders over to the local gas station. He asks the cashier why everyone is so shocked that he said golf ball. The cashier tells the man that they are closed with a look of terror in his eyes. The cashier then hurries the man outside and locks the door. The man then proceeds to walk over to a diner. He sits down at the counter and waits for a waitress. The man, now in a minor panic, asks the waitress why saying golf ball is such a big deal to everyone. The waitress screams and runs out of the restaurant. The man, now scared, frantically runs across the street towards the police station and is promptly hit by a bus. The moral of the story is, look both ways before you cross the street.

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