Steve was always bragging about how he knew virtually any famous person you could name.

One day, his co-worker Ben got sick of him and said "Oh yeah?! Prove it!" to which Steve calmly replied: "Okay, wanna come with me to visit Justin Timberlake tomorrow?" Ben agreed, if only because Steve was paying for both of their tickets to Los Angeles. The next day, Ben remained skeptical all the way until they arrived at JT's mansion and knocked on the door. Justin Timberlake himself answered and said "Hey! Steve! I haven't seen you in forever!" before pulling him into a hug. He then proceeded to invite Steve and Ben for breakfast.
After getting over his initial shock, Ben reasoned it was only a coincidence, and it didn't mean he knew any others. For all he knew he could gave gone to high-school with him. Ben then dared Steve to take him to the white house and show him he knew President Obama. Steve replied "Sure! I haven't seen Barrack in a while," so that very day they arrived in Washington DC. Upon arriving at the airport, the President himself drove up to pick the pair up in his black limo. "Hey Steve," he said, "Haven't seen you in years, what's up?" He then proceeded to clear his schedule for the day so he could catch up with Steve.
At this point, Ben was almost convinced, so as a final test, he asked Steve to take him to the Vatican to see the Pope. The next day, they arrived in Vatican City and joined a large mass of people from all over the world who were eagerly awaiting the Pope's speech. "This won't do, he'll never see me from here!" Steve exclaimed, so he pushed through the crowd to get to the balcony where the Pope was to be. Several minutes of waiting later, both the Pope and Steve are on the balcony, waving to those below. Suddenly, a man next to Ben asked "Who the fuck is that guy next to Steve on the balcony?!"

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