Son of a bitch

a priest and one of his buddies went fishing one day. the priest caught a big
fish and his friend said that is one big son of a bitch, the priest replied,
"please don't use that language around me." his friend said," no, that is the
name of the fish, a son of a bitch." so later that day the priest went back to
the church and told the fellow priests about the son of a bitch he caught. they
said, father! you are a priest don't use that language, so the priest said," no,
that is the name of the fish, a son of a bitch. so later that night they had
dinner with the bishop and in common dinner conversation the priest mentioned
the son of a bitch that he caught, the bishop surprised told the priest to not
use that language because he is a man of god and not to talk like that in his
prescience. later that week the pope was with them all. they were a little
worried that he wouldn't know that the fish was called a son of a bitch, but
they talked about it anyway. the bishop fearing the pope would overhear and get
the wrong idea told the pope about the son of a bitch. the pope replied, "hey.
you f****** are alright."

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