So there's this family of Polar bears

There's a father a mother, a baby polar bear and the mothers father also stays with them. One day the baby polar bear goes up to his mother and asks "Mom, am I completely polar bear." His mother replies "Yes of course. Your father is completely polar bear and so were both of my parents.". So the baby polar bear moves on.

The baby polar bear then goes to his father and he again asks "Dad, am I one hundred percent polar bear?". The father then responds "Of course my dad was a polar bear and so was my mother." The baby polar bear then moves on again.

He approaches his grandfather on his mothers side. He asks his grandpa "Grandpa, is our family all completely polar bear." The grandpa responds "Of course, we've all been polar bear as far back as I can remember. Why do you ask?" The baby polar bear says "Because I'm fucking cold."

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