One from Sir Paul McCartney

A man is lost in Ireland. It is the middle of the night, and he his looking for a some sign of life. After a few hours of looking, he sees a building on top of a small hill with lights on. He follows a fence up, and notices how good the fence is. It was a very well made, solidly built, straight fence. When he reaches the top of the hill, he learns that the building is a pub. He goes in, and it is completely empty, except for the barman. He sits down at the bar.

"Pint of Guinness, please."
The barman heads over to the tap.

"Certainly, sir." As he's pulling the pint, the barman begins to speak.

"Did you notice that fence out front? I made it myself." The man is shocked. "Yes, I did. To be honest it was a very nice fence. Nice and straight." The barman replies, "But do they call me 'Jones the fence-maker?' No."

The barman hands the man his Guinness, and as he's drinking it, the barman says, "You see this bar? That's solid mahogany, right there. I made it myself." The man is surprised to see how well made the bar was. "Wow, that is actually one of the nicest bars I've ever seen!" The barman frowns. "But, do they call me 'Jones the Bar-Maker?' No."
The man returns to his Guinness.

"What do you think of that pint?"

"It's a very well-pulled pint, I quite enjoy that."

"Do they call me 'Jones the Guinness-Puller?' No. But you fuck one goat..."


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