Kids say the...

A little girl heard her parents fighting. She heard them say the words bitch and asshole. She asked her dad what they meant and he said ladies and gentlemen. She heard her parents fighting again and heard the words dick and pussy. She asked her mom what they meant and her mom said hats and coats.

It was thanksgiving and her dad was upstairs shaving and he cut himself and said shit. The little girl asked what it meant and he said shaving. Her mom was downstairs carving the turkey and cut herself and said fuck. She asked what it meant and her mom said carving the turkey.

The doorbell rang and the little girl answered it. It was her grandparents and other relatives. She said, "Welcome bitches and assholes. Put your dicks and pussy�s in the closet, Daddy is upstairs shitting and mommy is in the kitchen fucking the turkey."

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