How Shit Happens

In the beginning, there was the plan.

And then came the assumptions.

And the assumptions were without form.

And the plan was completely without substance.

The employees told their supervisors: "It's a crock of shit and
it stinks!"

The supervisors then told the department heads: "It's a pail of
dung, and none may abide by the odor."

The department heads then told the managers: "It's a container
of excrement, and it is very strong such that none may smell it."

The managers then told the director: "It is a vessel of
fertilizer, and none may abide by its strength."

The director then told the VP: "It contains that which aids
plant growth, and it is very strong."

The VP told the Executive-VP: "It promotes growth, and it is
very powerful."

The Executive-VP told the President: "It is very strong and will
promote growth and efficiency of the system."

And the President reviewed the plan, and said: "This is good."

And the plan became policy.

And this is how shit happens.

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