House Work

One day, a wife and her husband were spending the day at home.
Her husband was watching football on TV when she said, "Honey,
the refrigerator is broken. Will you fix it?" Her husband
replied, "What do I look like, a damn repairman?" The next day
the wife's car had a flat tire. She asked her husband, "Dear,
my car has a flat tire, can u repair it?" With that her husband
asked, "What do I look like, a mechanic?" Later that evening,
the wife said, "Honey, the porch light isn't working, can you
please fix it?" After that her husband got really angry. "What
do i look like a damn electrician? Why do you keep asking me to
do stuff? Geez! I'm going for a drive!" Her husband left that
evening and didn't come back until the next day. He realized he
had overreacted and should have helped out. When he came home
he saw that the porch light was fixed, the refrigerator worked,
and the car's tire was replaced. He saw his wife sitting down
at the kitchen table and said, "Awww, honey, you called a
repairman after I left? You are so sweet." The wife replied,
"Well, no. After you left I sat on the porch steps and started
crying. A handsome young man came by the house and saw me. He
asked why I was crying and I said all these things were broken
and no one would fix them. Then he said that he would fix them
for me if I would either bake him a cake or fuck him." Her
husband asked, "Oh, well what kind of cake did you for him bake
him, honey?" To that the wife looked at her husband and asked,
"What do I look like to you, Betty Crocker?"

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