Guy walks into a bar joke.....

A man who is down in the dumps walks into a bar. He tells the bar tender how is wife was cheating on him and in the divorce he got screwed out of everything and has no money, no house, nothing but the clothes on his back. He then asks the bar tender what it would take for him to drink free for the night. The bartender thinks about it for a minute, then tells him "Ok, so there are 3 things I need you to do. First thing is that I am making a new cinnamon brewed atomic whiskey. last batch sent a man to the hospital as it was too spicy. I need you to taste the new batch and make sure its ok. Secondly, I have a mean guard dog out back that needs to have one of its front teeth pulled. Last person who tried was nearly mauled to death. Then lastly, there is a 94 year old woman upstairs that has never been with a man before. She wants have sex at least once before she dies. If you can do all 3 things for me, your drinks will be on the house all night." The man agrees on the condition that the bar tender lest him get drunk before starting his 3 tasks. After several shots, the man tell the bartender that his is ready for the atomic whiskey. he takes the shot, stand up, then tumbles to the back of the bar. as soon as he steps outside, there is growling and barking, but after a few minutes there is the sound of the dog whimpering, then silence. The man burst through the back door and says "Alright, now where's that bitch with the bad tooth!"

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