Guy comes back to home city after being on an oil rig for 6 months. He is alone but wants to feel a woman against him.

He only has 20€ in his pocket and the money he got from the job hasn't arrived yet. While walking around he sees the woman of the night and asks:
''How much?''.
The woman replies: ''100€ a hour''.
He exclaims: ''But I only have 20€ right now''.
''20€? For that I can only give you 'the penguin'''
He doesn't know what that is but agrees anyway.
So she takes his money, takes him to an alley, pulls down his pants to his ankles and starts sucking his cock. After about half a minute she stands up and runs away. He stars shouting ''Hey wait!'' And running with his pants down (like a penguin).

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