Grandpa told me this one last night at dinner

A lawyer is driving down the quiet country road and is approaching a stop sign. The road is completely devoid of people or other drivers, so the lawyer just slows down a bit to be safe, but otherwise drives through the intersection.

Suddenly a siren goes off and seemingly out of nowhere a police car is trailing him. Confused, the lawyer pulls over to the side of the road and parks his car. A cop gets out of the cruiser and walks up to his vehicle.

"Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?" asked the officer.

"I have no idea officer." replied the lawyer.

The cop points to the intersection behind them and says "I saw you run that stop sign. As a driver, you *must* come to a complete stop before going through that intersection."

The officer then writes up a ticket and hands it to the lawyer and tells him to have a nice day as he walks back to his vehicle. The lawyer then thinks he might be able to argue the ticket with the cop, he does this kind of thing for his job for God's sake.

The lawyer gets out of his car and shouts "Officer! You can't really think I deserve this ticket, it's not like I was just blazing through the intersection, I slowed down before passing through! It doesn't even make a difference out here!"

The officer turns back towards him and begins a steady walk to the lawyer and his car. In one fluid motion he has his baton out and whacks the lawyer over the head with it. The lawyer falls to the ground covering himself from the officer's repeated blows screaming "Stop! Stop!"

The officer says in between strikes "Would you- like me to- slow down- or stop completely?"

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