Formal Inquiry

The husband finally wised up to the fact that his wife was less than faithful.
He hired a private investigator to follow her and in less than a week, had all
the information that he needed on the' other man'.

The husband convinced himself that his would still be a loving and trustworthy
marriage had not this S.O.B. come onto the scene. Being a man of the 90's and
all, he decided to handle the matter in what he judged to be sophisticated and
business-like manner.

He sent the following e-mail to his wife's lover:

Sir, It has been brought to my attention that for some time now you have been
carrying on an affair with my wife. So that we may settle this matter in an
intelligent fashion, please be at my office at 3 PM on Friday next.

The 'other man' was highly amused by the husband's formal manner and sent the
following reply:

Dear Sir, I have received a copy of the your mass mailing this morning. You
may be advised that I will attend the scheduled conference in your office's

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