english people are not what you think

i went to america for a few months and i went to school, i told everyone who i was and where i was from, i heard alot of girls giggling and at that moment i didnt know why. so, lunch time came and a girl was sitting with me, we talked and she asked 'can you say tea and crumpets in a british accent' and so i said tea and crumpets but i said it normally.

next day another girl asked me 'is it true you wear top hats and canes?'

'no, we all wear football shirts and tracky bottoms' she was confussed and i explained what they are. at lunch i was eating and this jock (i guess) came up to me and said something offensive about British people (i cant remember what) and i punched him and said 'u fuckin wot m8?'

and so thats what british people are like.

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