"Doing it" by profession

Accountants do it with Double EntryAcupuncturists do it with a small prickAmbulance drivers come quickerAustralians do it Down UnderBankers do it with interestBartenders do it on the RocksChess players check their MatesCops do it with cuffsDJs do it on requestDeep-sea divers do it under extreme pressureDentists do it orallyDetectives do it under coverDon't do it with Bankers, most of them are TellersFiremen do it with a big hoseFrank Sinatra does it his wayGarbagemen come twice a weekGardeners do it in the bushesGas attendants pump all dayHousewives do it for an allowanceJockeys gallop hard and finish fastLandlords do it the 1st of every monthMountain climbers like to be on topMilitary do it on command!Pianists touch, tickle, and titilate!Pizza delivery men come in 30 minutes or it's freeTruckers do it in the roadTravel agents do it in lots of different placesWaiters and waitresses do it for tipsWatch out for tennis players - love means nothing to them!

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