A Priest and Uluru joke/riddle

I know that this will be long, but its totally worth it.

So, their is this traveler, by the name of John, who loves travelling around the world. He has been to 153 countries and seen what their is to see (Eiffel tower, Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, Great wall of China etc.) He has previously been to Australia before, but didn't see Uluru (he was only their for three days)

So, he decided to go from New York-Sydney-Alice Springs-Uluru. He went by QANTAS, you need to remember this, also the total flight time was around 30 hours. When he gets to Alice Springs, he gets a taxi, to his hotel (the fee was $45.03) and checks in. He gets to his room, (his room number is 145A) and unpacks all of his clothes and puts on a new pair of clothes. He has a rest and then decides to go and visit Uluru, the main reason he went there in the first place.

He goes there, takes some really good photos, and then comes back to his hotel. He then gets some dinner, because he is hungry. He goes to a restaurant called 'Sounds of Silence'. He orders a medium-rare steak, and some chips as a side. It takes about 20 minutes for the food to get to him (not bad imo) and eats his food. He then pays a sum of $14.50 and goes back to his hotel.

He decides to have a shower. After the shower he goes into bed and starts reading a book. After about 30 minutes he starts getting tired and decides to go to sleep. He goes to sleep.

After about one hour of sleeping, he gets waken up by a eerie noise (kind of like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPZ7SIr96EY ) He nods of again but the is waken AGAIN by the same noise an hour later. This happens all through the night.

Its now morning and it is pretty clear that he wants to know what that sound was coming from. He has breakfast, has a shower, gets dressed and packs up (he is going on a flight to Greenland on the same day) He goes to the lobby and checks out.
He the asked the receptionist this:
*John: Last night, I was awoken every hour by an eerie sound, do you know where the sound was coming from?
*Receptionist: Im sorry, I cannot tell you, you have to be a priest.
*John: Oh, ok. Thanks anyway

So John left, still wondering what that sound was. It is right now that I should tell you that John was a very eager man, and wanted to know everything. So, he decided to become a priest. After another month or two, he decides to go to the Vatican city, to become a priest.

After two years of vigorous training to become a priest, he is given his priest licence by the Pope.

So, John gets on the first flight to Uluru, exited about finally finding out what made that sound.

He gets to the Alice Springs airport and goes to the hotel where he was previously staying at. He goes up to the receptionist, and shows him his priest licence.

The receptionist then gives him a key to a room on the third hallway, saying that what was inside that room was making the noise.

He gets into the elevator and goes to the third floor. He gets to the room.

This is what was inside the room: http://imgur.com/gS4KtRz

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