A penguin's car breaks down.

He takes it to a garage and the mechanic says, "Look, I have two jobs ahead of you, so it's gonna be a while. Why don't you take the bus to the city aquarium and kill some time, and by the time you come back, I'll have figured out what's wrong with your car."

The penguin agrees and goes to the aquarium. He spends about an hour there and, being a penguin, looking at all the exotic fish makes him hungry. As he passes the sea lion exhibit, he asks, "Hey, where's the best place to get a bite to eat around here?"

The sea lion says, "Do you know any tricks?"

"I can drive a car, but it's in the shop."

"Then do you have any money?"

"I have to save what I have for the car repair."

"Then there's an ice cream stand near the front entrance. The girl who works there loves cute animals, she'll give you a cone for free if you ask nicely."

So the penguin goes to the ice cream stand and asks the girl behind the counter for a cone, and she happily gives the cute penguin a treat. He takes it, and being that he has no lips, gobbles it up with his beak and makes an adorable mess of sticky, drippy soft serve all over his face. The girl keeps giving him free ice cream until he can't eat another bite, and once he's full, he waddles back to the mechanic to find out about his car.

He waddles into the building and the mechanic is there, wiping his greasy hands on a towel. "Welcome back, buddy," he says, "It looks to me like you blew a seal."

The penguin shakes his head, "It's ice cream. The seal just told me where it was."

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