A man went to the store . . .

He was getting ready for a party and he wanted to pick up soda and chips. He arrived at the store and walked over to the chips and an old lady ran over to him and embraced him.
"I thought you were dead. I knew they were wrong."
The man was confused about what just happened replied "do I know you".
She looked at him with a heart broken expression and said "I'm sorry you look like my son that went missing in action last year and I thought you have returned for me". She began to cry and he tried to calm her when she said "Can you say hi mom for me ". Since he felt bad for her he says outlout "Hi mom" and gives her a big hug. She left to continue her shopping so he walked and picked up some chips. He started toward the pop when he saw the old lady walking toward him. Her cart was full of tons of electrical stuff but it didn't bother him much. She asked him "Can you say I love you for me?". He hesitated for a bit but he still felt bad for the old lady so he shouted "I love you mom". She walked away with a smile on her face and he felt good as well. After he grabed the pop he walked to the cashier. He saw that the old lady was already checked out so he thought to do one more thing to make her day so he shouted "Bye mom I love you." After he said that she calmly walked out the door and when she was out the door she ran to her car and drove away. He felt happy and was excited for the party so he rang up the soda and chips. The cashier said "That was a nice thing to say to your mom the total is $4013.12". He was confused and asked "What the hell?" The cashier replied "Your mom said you would pay for her"

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