A little too drunk

a guys been sitting at the bar drinking for a couple of hours and he has to take a piss. when he stands up to go to the bathroom he falls flat on his face. the bouncer runs over to help him up. hey man the bouncer says to him, your way too drunk to be in hear i gotta ask you to leave! ok ok says the drunk just help me to the door. the bouncer helps him over to the door and outside. sure enough the moment the bouncer lets go of him he falls flat on his face. help me down to the end of the block the drunk asks. the bouncer helps him to the end of the block where the drunk promptly falls flat on his face. hey the bouncer says i cant carry you all over the neighborhood i got patrons i have to take care of!! no dont worry about me answers the drunk, i only live a couple of blocks away. stay out of trouble the bouncer says as he leaves. the drunk then procedes to crawl home. when he gets home he finds that his wife is at home sleeping. this worries him because he agreed to not drink any more. he manages to get to bed without waking her and drifts off to sleep knowing no ones the wiser. the next morning his wife wakes him up and he can see she is realy pissed off. so you were at the bar last night!!! she says to him. no no honey i would never do that to you. yes you would and yes you did she says. the man can see that he is busted so he says yes honey you are right, but tell me how did you know?
the bartender called this morning she answers curtly, it seems you left your wheelchair at the bar!!!!!

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