A joke I learned in middle school!

A boy is hearing his parents argue. His mom calls his dad a son of a bitch! And his dad calls his mom a bitch. The boy asks his parents what bitch and son of a bitch mean. The mom explains bitch means grandma. The dad explains that son of a bitch means grandpa. The boy is satisfied and goes off to play.

A little while later, the boy's parents have made up and are doing some heavy petting. The mom says to the dad, "Oh, honey...stick your dick in my pussy!" The boy hears this and asks his parents what do dick and pussy mean. The dad explains that dick means hat. And the mom explains that pussy means shoes. The boy is satisfied with these answers and goes off to play.

Later, the boy's dad is shaving. He cuts himself and says "SHIT!". The boy asks his dad what does shit mean. The dad explains that shit means hair.

Later still, the boy's mom is cooking a turkey in the kitchen and accidentally cuts herself with a knife. She bellows out a hearty, "FUCK!". The boy asks what does fuck mean. The mom explains that fuck means cook.

Finally, the boy's grandparents show up to have dinner. They ring the doorbell and the boy dashes to the door, swings it open, and greets his grandparents by saying,

"Hi bitch and son of a bitch. Come in and take off your dicks and pussies. My dad is upstairs shaving shit off his face, and my mom is in the kitchen fucking a turkey!"

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