A family walks into a building to see a talent agent

The family consists of the dad, the mom, four sons, a daughter, and for some reason, a pet moose. The talent agent asks what they do. Immediately, the dad rips the mom’s clothes off and starts fucking her on the floor. Then the sons start to take turns gang banging their sister.

Then the dad takes a bottle of liquor, smashes it over his face and starts fist fucking the two middle brothers up the ass with shards of glass. Then the youngest brother grabs a gun, shoots the moose in all four of its knees so it will go down on all fours and starts fucking the moose. The mom is still lying on the floor not doing anything because the dad fucked her so hard, which is impressive considering she’s given birth to five children. Then, one of the middle brothers runs outside to a swimming pool that was in the vicinity, ties a rope around his neck and slips into the pool because apparently he read about auto erotic asphyxiation and decided he was going try to take having an orgasm while not being able to breathe to a whole new level. Luckily, the sister arrives just in time to cut the rope and pull him above the water but then he grabs his sister, pulls her into the pool, pulls down his swim trunks and stuffs her face right into his crotch. You’d think the talent agent would’ve called the police but he’s too curious; he wants to find out what’s going to happen next.

Finally, they all meet up by the pool and a plane has landed, while damaging some property might I add, to pick them up and they all join the mile high club. However, the youngest son decides he wants to try to fly, shoves the pilot into the other seat, and pilot lands awkwardly and breaks his own neck killing him instantly. The family, realizing the dire situation they are in, find the parachutes and escape the plane. They still have the where with all to fuck each other while they are falling out of the sky, much to the chagrin of the horrified on lookers below. They land outside the building, walk on stage and take a bow. The talent agent asks, “Who are you?”

The family, without missing a beat, say in unison, “The Kennedys.”

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