3 Churches and a Whole Lot of Squirrels

There once was a small town that was swarmed by wild squirrels. The Squirrels made their home in the town's three churches.

The church leaders all made efforts to remove the squirrels. At the end of the year, all three church leaders met up to compare their results.

The First church leader spoke, "We still have squirrels"
"Our faith believes that God will do as God see's fit...so we did nothing, putting the issue in our creators hands. Unfortunately, God did not see fit to remove the squirrels. They are still there and do not seem to be leaving anytime son."

The Second church leader spoke, "We have even more squirrels"
"God gives us challenges to overcome and make us stronger. We fought the squirrels with traps, poisons, cats, but nothing worked. We have not yet found a way to conquer them. They have become more vicious and entrenched in our building.

The third leader spoke, "The squirrels are all gone"
"We just made the squirrels members of our church and they all left. They only come back on Christmas and Easter."

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