12 inch bic

two men were at a bar and 1 man pulled out a cigar but he didnt
have a lighter,so he asked his buddy if a lighter,as he said yes
he pulled out a 12 inch. lighter that said bic. on it,the other
man said "o its a bic,i've seen those b4,but thats the biggest 1
i've ever seen!"he said "were did u get it?""i got it from my
genie said the other man"u got a genie?"the other man replied
with"yes,i sure do"so the other man said can i see him?" so the
other man pulled his genie out of his bag.the other man said "
can i make a wish?"th genie said"well of course"so the other man
said"i want a million bucks" so the genie went away and all of a
sudden a million ducks..the man said"I WISHED 4 A MILLION BUCKS
NOT A MILLION DUCKS!!!"the other man said"o i didnt tell u? the
genie has a bad hearing" the other man said o so now u tell
me...what a rip off.." the other man says,"tea,i know,you dont
think i acctuly wished 4 a twelve in. bic

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