10 cr@ppy Insults

These are Insult that people have told me and i think a crappy
insult can easliey be changed by the oppisite.(People actualy
tried to offend me by these)

1.At least I had foot loops for breakfast
(At least I had honeycomb's for breakfast)-I was the laughing
stock of the town
when I tried this

2.Up yours!(I'm givin' you 10 seconds to get that out of my butt)
People kept stareing at me for about one hour!!!

3.Bite Me!(Gimme $5 bucks and I'll lick you)-Hate being called a
prostatute! Do Not
try this then!!!!!

4.I'm rubber Your glue what ever comes to bounces to you!
(I'm a peddle push me)-prostatute agian!

5.your mom!(don't you love it when your Nan made those cookies
that had that filling in the middle and we'd spend hours trying
to figure
out what was holding it up)-what was holding it up?

6.You had sexual inercourses with a giant amadillo
(You hated an alligator)-That was so stupid i had to laugh!!!!

7.Will one day I read a bungee jumping book(With this you just
say it ,they'll crack up ,then you kick em' in the head then run

8.They plug there ears and they go, La la la la (Plug your ears
and sing a song if your male a way to get em' away is to sing
Man I feel like a woman. or It's rainin' men !!!)-People thought
i was gay

9.Can you smell what the rock is cookin'(Can you smell my
fart)or(supdoc!)-That was a good fart though!

10.Just bring it!(Please don't tear off my clothes)N/a

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