Donald-trump Jokes

Donald-trump Jokes

The Top 12 Worst Jobs in Show Business

12> Fact-checker for FOX News11> Donald ...

The Top 12 Signs It's Been a VERY Cold Winter

12> Richard Hatch starts wearing a Speedo.

Realtor Doubletalk

Ever read realty ads and see all the nice thin...

The Top 14 Tips Donald Trump Has for His New Apprentice

14> "Trust me. Even if you look like a bloa...

Fire Works

Q: What does Donald Trump say before he lights ...

Yes We Can 3

I think the next election just got a lot easier...

Did you hear that Donald Trump is technically a plant?

Because all of his cells have built a wall.

Donald Trump makes the best deals.

Right now he's negotiating for a better interes...

How do you castrate Vladimir Putin?

Kick Donald Trump in the chin.

Trump & Trudeau

Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau were we discuss...

Donald Trump loves chewing 5 Gum

He wants to Stimulate his Pences.

The reason why Bill Gates is paying for Donald Trump's wall

He knows no Juan in Mexico can foot the bill.

I'm sorry that I sent you Donald Trump

Reddit replies: Username checks out!

A death row inmate asks as his last request to talk to Donald Trump.

Because he has nothing better to do, Trump agre...

What do Donald Trump and Princess Toadstool have in common?

They both say "Im Peach?" in the same tone.

A plane is crashing with President Trump...

A plane is crashing with President Trump, an ol...

Donald Trump's cabinet is so dumb

that I can get a better one at IKEA.