When Things Can't Get Any Worse, It Can! ;)

A man wakes up to find his bank account cleaned out, his wife gone and his car towed. He goes to his shitty job with its shitty customers and gets fired for shouting at his boss at the end of the day.

As he hitchhikes home, he is drawn to the sound of feminine laughter and finds himself in a brothel. He raids his wallet, approaches the doorman and asks, "What can I get for $10.00?"

The doorman takes his money and tells him, "Go to room 5 and do your business."

The man heads to room 5. It's dark and the girl is sleeping under the covers. He *had paid*, so he shrugs and gets it on with the girl. Right when he's cumming though, he sees this liquid squirt from the corner of her eye. He asks her, "Are you okay?" The girl doesn't answer. He shakes her and she still doesn't answer, but more of the liquid is seeping out of her ears now. He freaks out and stumbles out and shouts to the doorman that something is wrong with the girl. After the doorman calms him down and he explains what happened, the doorman just smiles and shouts to the backroom, "Hey, Jerry! The dead one's full again!"

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