Girl: I'm pregnant!
Boy: (Shocked) and how
did i get involved?
Girl: U're responsible for
Boy: Pls, don't get me
upset! Leave me alone.
Girl: (Crying) pls dear,
don't deny me and the
Boy: To hell with it, it's
over between us.
Girl: *Sobs* so it's over
Boy: Capital YES.
*After some minutes
of silence*
Girl: Actually, i'm not
pregnant, I just tricked
you to know if
you truly love me.
Boy: (Hun) hahahahaha
my dear, you just fell
for my prank.
I was just kidding.
Girl: Hmmmmm, it's
over :-| .
Boy: Baby, i didn't mean
what i said.
Girl: Assuming i am
pregnant now, that's
you will deny
me hun?
Boy: Hmmm no, i can't
do that.
>>Now, if you were to
be the girl.....Will you
End the
relationship or Continue
with it??? .

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