The Pope Goes to America

The Pope leaves Vatican City for an official trip to America.

After his flight lands, he is ushered off the plane by the pilot, who says to him "Welcome to America, Elvis. I bet you're glad to be home". To which the Pope replies, "Oh, my son, I am not Elvis. I am the Pope. I am the Holy One." The pilot, visibly embarrassed, immediately apologized.

The Pope was then met by his limo driver at arrivals. The driver opened the door and said, "Good day. I am Charles, and I will be your driver for today, Elvis". The Pope looked at Charles and politely said, "Charles, my son, I am not Elvis. I am The Pope. The Bishop of Rome". Charles immediately apologized, and drove the Pontiff to his hotel.

Once at the hotel, the Pope went to the front desk to check in. The hotel manager met him with enthusiasm and awe. "Welcome to the Plaza Hotel, Elvis. We truly hope you enjoy your stay. If there is anythi..." to which the Pope interrupted, "My son, this is such a lovely hotel, and I am forever grateful for your hospitality. But, I must let you know, I am not Elvis. I am the Pope. I am the Holy One." "Oh, my. Papa, I am truly sorry. Please, let Theodore her take your belongings to your room".

On their way up to the Presidential Suite, Theodore could hardly contain his excitement. Being so close to such an important world figure, was truly overwhelming. But he kept his composure and professionalism, and remained quiet. When they arrived at the room, Theodore spoke sheepishly, "This here is your room Elvis. The 5 buxom strippers you have requested are waiting inside, along with the bottles of champagne and some of Colombia's finest". To which His Holiness replied, "Thank you. Thank you very much!"

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