Jus becase Im A Blonde Dont Meen im Stupid!

A blind man walked into A womens bar.He asked the bartender"do you wanna hear a blond joke?" the bar tender replied "I just wanted to let you know before you go on with your blond joke that the women beside you is a blond heavy weight champion,the blond on the other side of you is a blond boxer,and I am a blond body builder.I just wanted to make sure you knew this before you went on with your joke.Do you still want to?" the blind man got up and replied "No because I dont want to have to repeat it three times!" with that he walked out.

A blonde was sitting in a canoe in the middle of a wheat feild. A SUV drove up next to the field and an other blonde stepped out. "Its blondes like you that give other blondes a bad name. So im gonna swim out there and tip over your canoe."

"Some say blondes have more fun...But take it from a blond like me.Running into walls repeatedly isnt as fun as it looks!"

Three women had been captured by Nazi soldiers and were to be executed. The soldiers lined them up on a brick wall and they aimed at the first one wich was a brunett.
The General said "Any last words?" she shook her head. He then shouted "READY, AIM..." but the woman interrupted him. "Wait, wait, wait, flood" she shouted pointing behind them. all the soldiers looked behind them and then she ran away.
They sent some soilders after her and went on to the red head.They repeated this and got to the "READY , AIM....." the redhead interupted with "HURRICANE!" the soldiers looked behind them and she ran away.The general got mad and sent three men after her.He got to the blonde and said "Eny last words?" she shook her head.The genereal shouted "READY AIM..." "Wait!I have a last word....FIRE!" she shouted..The general laughed and did just that.


Just so than non of you blondes out there reading this are offended.I myself am a blonde to.And Im proud of it!

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