'' I'm suffering from a very rare medical condition...

A man and a woman are sitting beside each other on a flight to New York.

The woman sneezes, takes out a tissue, gently wipes her nose and then visibly shudders for about ten seconds.
A few minutes later the woman sneezes again.

Once more, she takes a tissue, wipes her nose and then shudders.

A few more minutes pass before the woman sneezes and violently shudders again.

Curious, the man says, "I can't help noticing that you shudder every time you sneeze. Are you OK? "

"I'm so sorry if I'm disturbing you," says the woman. ''I'm suffering from a very rare medical condition. Whenever I sneeze, I have an orgasm."

"Are you taking anything for it?" he asks. "Yes, " says the woman. "Pepper. "

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