How's next Thursday?

A past-their-prime husband and wife are watching TV before bed, like they always do, when an unexpected love scene comes on the screen.

"See honey," the slightly heavy wife panted, "You oughta make love to me like THAT."

The husband glances up to see a young man, ferociously making love to a petite woman, her legs wrapped around him as he pinned her against a wall. "Like THAT? the surprised husband asks. "You want me to make love to you, like THAT?"

"Yes!" the wife exclaims, excitedly.

"Alright," says the husband. "Hand me the phone book."

The wife looks puzzled, but happily obeys the request and gets him what he asked for. He leaves the room, and a short time later, calls out:

"How's next Thursday?" he shouts.

"Next Thursday?" the wife asks.

"Yes," he says.

"How about we make love like that next Thursday? Friday morning is the soonest the back doctor can see me."

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