Der-ty night before Christmas

Der next night vas ChristmasDer night is vas schtillDer stockings vas hungBy der chimney to fill.Der shildren vas snuggledAll up in der bedAnd mama in nightgownAnd I up ahead...Vas searchink around In der dark for der toysVe krept around kvietNot to make any noise.Und mudder vas carryingDer toys in her gownShowink her personFrom up her vaist down.Und ven she came nearDer crib of our boyOur youngest und sveetestOur pride und our choy...His eyes vide open As he peeked from his cot...Und seen everythink Dot his mudder has got!He didn't even noticeDer toys in her lap...He chust asked,"For whom ist dot little fur cap?"Und mudder said "hush"Und she laughed mit delight...I tink I give datTo your father tonight!

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