A Trip To the Vatican

Note: Characters are dated, so sub your own

Joe Montana and Jerry Rice decide to take a motor home vacation across Europe.

"You know Jerry, it's always been my dream to have a tailgate party in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican."

"I don't know Joe, the Vatican's a holy place. We could get in trouble."

"Don't be a bitch Jerry. I'm Joe Montana. I can do whatever the fuck I want."

So Joe drives the motor home through Rome, into the Vatican, and right onto St. Peter's Square. He puts out the cooler, lights the coals in the Weber, and pops a coldy.

"See Jerry, everything's cool. Relax and have a beer."

"I guess Joe, everything seems...."

Just then the big golden doors on the front of the basilica open, and the Pope walks out, toward their tailgate party.

"Oh, fuck this Joe, I'm outta here!" Jerry sprints and hides in the bushes.

Jerry looks up, and sees the Pope walk up to Joe and make the sign of the cross. Then the Pope turns around, walks back into the basilica, and the big golden doors close.

Jerry can't believe it.

"Joe, you're here drinking beers and cooking food in the middle of St. Peter's Square, the Pope comes out, and he blesses you. You really are world famous!"

"Nah, Jerry. He didn't bless me. He said (as he makes the sign of the cross), 'you, the barbecue, and the nigger in the bushes get the fuck outta here.'"

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