A Christian couple finally get married...

and go on the honeymoon of their dreams. They've both abstained from sex their whole life. So when they finally have some alone time, things get hot pretty quickly.
The husband, wanting to hurry things up, takes off his wife's shoes and socks.
The wife does the same, but is horrified when she sees his disfigured toes.
"What happened?" she says.
"Well when I was 9 I had a horrible case of tolio."
"Don't you mean polio?"
"No! Tolio!" responds the husband.
They continue to kiss and after a little while they start to undress each other, this time taking off the pants.
When the wife takes off her husband's she again is horrified, this time by his ugly knees, ridden with warts and bumps.
The husband reluctantly reveals that when he was 12 he had a nasty case of the kneasles.
"Don't you mean measles?" says the wife.
"NO! Kneasles!" the husband responds a little more annoyed.
Not wanting to ruin the night, they continue to make out. The husband then completely undresses his wife and is in awe of her beauty.
The wife does the same, but when she rips off his underwear she jumps back in shock.
"Oh my!!! Let me guess, when you were 15 you had a horrible case of the smallcox!"

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