A blonde walks into a bar...[nsfw]

She had recently been divorced, so she was a little sad. She kept drinking and eventually passed out. She was the last customer. Seeing his chance, the bartender, who was also the last employee, decided to have sex with her. The next morning she woke and went back to her house. Next day again she came back to the same bar and started drinking heavily and was again the last customer. The bartender had told this story to his friends and had invited one of them to work late night shift with him. The blonde passes out again and this time both have sex with her. Third day, more of his friends come to the bar and stay late, waiting for the blonde to pass out and have sex. Fourth day, everyone that the bartender knows is there. Fifth day, as the word had spread, whole town was in the bar. But this time she stopped drinking and decided to leave. The bartender was shocked. He asked what happened. She said, I don't know what drink you are serving, but I seem to develop rashes in my pussy...

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