A blond is hiking through the woods when she hears someone counting up ahead.

She emerges from the tree line to find a brunette doing jumping jacks on a set of train tracks repeating, "10, 10, 10..." upon every jump.

The blonde says to the brunette, "Excuse me for wondering, but what exactly are you doing?"

The brunette replies, "It's a great game I just learned called '10' but I have no one to play with. Want to join me?"

"You bet!" So the blonde jumps onto the train tracks with glee and they both do jumping jacks and count together for a several minutes.

As you suspect, it wasn't long before the a train comes barreling around the bend striking the blonde but missing the brunette who jumps off in the nick of time.

The brunette, completely unphased, gets back on the tracks and begins jumping and counting again.

"11, 11, 11..."

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